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Protect your family

It's repeated everywhere and for a very good reason.
Imagine your life before your spouse. You worked together to get to where you are now. Now imagine you are, for example, a 4 year old and remember how little you can manage. Those are the 2 reasons you take life insurance. Them. Write them a sefless love letter saying how much you cared. When the time comes, we'll make sure they knew how much you cared.

Corporately Owned Tax Preferred Strategies

As a corporate business owner, you may be building something to leave behind to the next generation or to a charity, or both. Let us show you some excellent strategies that can help you get that win-win-win scenario. Because, what's better than another person winning too? That's something we don't know.

Spread out your risk for retirement

We've all heard of conventional retirement products; RRSP's, Defined Benefit Plans, Defined Contribution Plans, TFSA's etc. But do you know how life insurance policies can generate tax preferred income in your retirement? And not to mention it is tax-free to your beneficiary or beneficiaries.

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